Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Viral: Giant 10-feet-long python attacks calf in a farm


A terrifying video of a cow being bitten by a giant 10-ft-long python after it entered a cow enclosure has gone viral over social media.

The video shows a calf that was attacked by a huge python on a farm as the huge python tries to swallow it.

The python’s grip was so strong that the calf could not get rid of it and free itself. It’s not known whether the calf managed to escape or became the python’s prey.

The terrifying video was shared over Instagram by an account named wildlife animal. The caption on the video reads, “Snake attack on cow baby …Snake vs Möö.”


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The shocking and angering video has gone viral over social media. Many users questioned the owners of the calf as to why they were busy filming it instead of saving its life.

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One user wrote, ”I think the snake is dead or paralyzed already from beating. Or else its artificial snake. A farm owner would never film and enjoy auch stuff mercilessly.” Another commented, ”Then why u r making video…rather then helping calf…..just wasting time..”


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