Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Minor girl spends night with mother’s dead body; identifies killers


KARACHI: Shocking details of the murder of a woman infront of her three-year-old daughter in Karachi have emerged following a confession from the two suspects who have been arrested by police, ARY NEWS reported.

The police while investigating the statement given by the girl who witnessed the murder of her mother arrested the two suspects identified as Sami and Ali.

The police claimed that Mumtaz Begum befriended Sami, only to have developed differences with him later and become an acquaintance of the former’s friend named Ali.

Ali in his statement to the police said that after being asked by Sami, he trapped Mumtaz Begum for a meeting at the 4-K roundabout in Karachi after offering her some money.

“I took her on my bike with Sami and his other friend chasing us in a rickshaw,” Ali said and added that he later took her to an abandoned place where Sami also joined them and started a heated argument with her.

He said that Sami later opened fire on Mumtaz Begum, which hit on her head, resulting in her immediate death.

“Her three-year-old daughter witnessed the entire episode while sitting on my bike and I later dropped her at a far place from the incident site,” he said.


It later emerged that the girl searched for her mother and found the body at 11:00 pm and stayed with it until morning when the police and rescuers found her.

The police said that both the suspects have confessed to their crime and further investigation is underway in the case.


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