Saturday, June 25, 2022

Gutka stain inside plane leaves netizens fuming


NEW DELHI: An Indian Administrative Services (IAS) Officer has shared a picture of gutka stain below a window of an airplane, leaving the netizens disgusted.

Taking to Twitter, IAS Officer Awanish Sharan shared the picture, which showed a large gutka just below the window of the plane. “Somebody left his identity,” Sharan quipped while sharing the photo.

People are not taking issues of public hygiene seriously despite conducting awareness campaigns, issuing warnings and imposing fines by concerned authorities. Till now, gutka-stains were only visible in buses and trains, but now these can also be spotted on planes.

Soon after Awanish Sharan shared the picture on his official Twitter handle, it became viral on social media. The image garnered a lot of reactions. Netizens are furious over the incident and demanded strict action against the person responsible for littering the aircraft.

Some Twitter users even lashed out at celebrities who endorse advertisements for tobacco products. The users also demanded to ban the passenger from travelling by air.

In November last year, data released by the National Family Health Survey showed that more than one-third of the men in India consume tobacco. Meanwhile, nearly nine percent of women over 15 years consume tobacco in the country.


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