Monday, May 23, 2022

Huge crowd flocks for wedding food; video goes viral


A video seeing a huge crowd of wedding guests running to get food is going viral across social media platforms.

The viral video on Instagram sees the waiters starting to open the lid of the dishes. They had to get out of their way when the huge crowd of people dashing towards the food.

An elderly man, who looked to be the most excited, was the first to get his hands on the plate. He started piling food on it. It was not long when the people were flocking to get everything they could at their hands.

The humourous video got millions of views with countless of amusing comments from netizens.

An Instagram user asked who does such kind of things while another mentioned that it is a different competition altogether.

A third netizen said his friends will be doing the same at his marriage. A fourth wrote he thought of it as a storm.

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It is pertinent to mention that food is one of the most discussed topics when it comes to weddings. There are all kinds of stories, some of them even bizarre, about the meals that are served in the matrimonial ceremonies.

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Earlier, a newly-married couple in the United Kingdom made a shocking demand by asking wedding guests to pay money for eating extra slices of their wedding cake, a foreign news agency replied.

A person, who had attended the festivities, shared a snapshot of the demanding message which he had received on WhatsApp. They sent the CCTV camera footage of him eating his cake slices.

“Hey so we were just looking at the CCTV and saw that you had two pieces of the wedding cake,” the message read. “We announced that each guest must pay per slice and noticed that you only paid for the one.”

The married couple mentioned that the money should be sent as soon as possible.


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