Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Viral: Indian cricket umpire’s unique way of giving wide ball


A video of an Indian cricket umpire giving a wide signal after doing a headstand and splits is now going viral.

The bizarre yet humorous moment took place during a Purandar Premier League fixture in the Maharashtra state of India.

The footage filmed by an IAS official Supriya Sahu, sees the bowler pitches the ball away outside the off stump.

The umpire, identified as DN Rock, goes on to do a headstand before splits his legs. He gets back up to give a wide-ball signal.

The clip has millions of views and counting. The social media users took to the comment section to post hilarious replies.

Even the commentator could not stop letting out their feelings.

“The umpire is coming near us. What has he done? Look at the style of wide! He is also acting wonderful in his own style,” he can be heard saying in the video.


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