Saturday, July 2, 2022

Lion bites off man’s finger, horrific video goes viral


A horrifying video which sees a lion biting off a zoo keeper’s finger in Jamaica is going viral across social media platforms.


The viral video sees the man putting his finger in the fence and stroking the lion’s hair. He tried to put it in the animal’s mouth and managed to get it out in time.

The lion roared and growled as a warning sign but the man continued with his antics. However, the lion got hold of the man’s finger and did not let it go.

His finger’s tendon got stretched as he tried to free himself before it snapped.

Surprisingly, the people kept recording the horrific incident on their phones instead of coming to the man’s help.

Here’s how netizens reacted to the horrific incident

It is pertinent to mention that messing with big cats have consequences. There have been cases in which people have died or sustained life-threatening injuries.

Earlier, a police officer from Florida in the United States fatally shot a tiger that had attacked a zoo cleaner.

A UK-based news agency The Daily Mail reported that the 26-year-old individual named River Rosenquist lying bloodied on the ground near the tiger enclosure of the Naples Zoo and screaming for help.

The deputies of the Collier County sheriffs were attempting to kick the enclosure of the eight-year-old Malayan tiger named Eko so that he frees the zoo employee animal to free the worker.

The deputy – who thought they were out of options – fatally shot the animal.

The investigation stated that River Rosenquist was to clean the restrooms and gift shop when he wandered into an unauthorized area and stuck his hand into the tiger’s enclosure in order to pet or feed the animal.

The tiger seized his arm and tried to pull him into the enclosure which made the authorities take action.


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