Wednesday, May 25, 2022

Man catches 13-foot long king cobra; picture goes viral


The picture of a snake catcher holding a 13-foot-long king cobra which he caught in India is going viral across social media platforms.

An India-based news agency reported that a farmer named Saidarao contacted the Eastern Ghats Wildlife Society and gave the details of the reptile, hiding in the palm oil plantation, to snake catcher Venkatesh.

The king cobra was caught and released in a forest.

It is pertinent to mention that snake catchers resort to easy as well as life-threatening measures for apprehending the reptiles.

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Earlier, a shocking video showed a man catching a giant king cobra with his bare hands on a road.

The presence of the snake, which reportedly measured 4.5 metres (nearly 14 feet) and weighed over 10 kilograms, was reported by locals who informed the reptile slithered into a palm plantation and tried to hide in a septic tank.

The video showed the king cobra resisting all attempts to be captured and at one point, the snake lunged forward with its jaw open, but Naewhaad managed to move out of its way.

The snake catcher said that the king cobra was safely released in its natural habitat after being caught. He said that the snake had probably been looking for its mate, as another cobra had recently been killed by locals.


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