Monday, August 15, 2022

VIRAL: Man continues playing golf as alligator approaches from behind


A viral video showed a golfer taking his shot at a golf club in Florida while ignoring an alligator approaching him from behind.

The video was reportedly recorded at the Heritage Landing Golf & Country Club in Naples – Florida. It video was uploaded on Facebook by his wife Melissa Walsh while his friends can be heard joking about how he was trying to concentrate.

The golfer, Michael West told McClatchy News that he was lining up his approach shot from about 125 [yards] out and he knew well about an alligator coming up diagonally behind him.

One of the players says in the clip, “This guy decided he wants to join.”

As soon as the golfer hit the ball towards the green, the alligator that apparently got within 15 feet of him, appeared to plop down and enjoy watching it go as if he was into golf. An unsuspecting West said the gator was probably just curious while taking a walk.

“He was very likely headed to the bigger lake across the fairway,” he said. “He was just going about his business. It was great. I get to have a dinosaur watch me play.”


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