Saturday, July 2, 2022

Man falls from waterfall and slams into rocks, horrific video goes viral


A scary video of a man slipping down a waterfall and crashing into a bed of rocks is going viral across social media platforms.

The viral video was captured from China. It was shared on the microblogging application Twitter.

A China-based news agency reported that the man was trying to run at the top of the waterfall. He lost his balance and went sliding down at a fast pace.

The waterfall is not a public space and warning signs can be found throughout the area. The man did not heed the warning and went on to try the stunt. He suffered minor scratches.

Here’s what netizens had to say.

It is pertinent to mention that people had to face the music if stunts go horribly wrong.

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A bike stunt cost two young men their lives in Punjab’s Gujranwala on Tuesday, ARY News reported, citing rescue officials.

The accident occurred near Dhaunkal Morr of the city, they said.

17-year-old Ali and 22-year-old Ashraf riding a motorcycle were attempting a wheelie stunt. They came off their two-wheeler after it went out of control and skidded sideways.

Both the men were hit and run over by a speeding car coming behind them.


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