Monday, January 30, 2023

Man found dead in freezer, couple arrested


A mysterious murder has been reported in the United States in which a couple has been charged with kidnapping after a man was found dead in a chest freezer in the basement of their home in Lowell.

According to the US state of Massachusetts police, the couple is accused of kidnapping and murdering a 37-year-old man and buried the body in the freezer.

The couple Michael Burke and Samantha Perry also filed a plea in court to avoid arrest.

According to international reports, the victim was a 37-year-old man who struggled with opioid addiction and lived with Burke and Perry. Police found him after his family reported he failed to show up for thanksgiving dinner.

According to Court documents, Perry and Burke admitted the attack on the victim on November 23, binding him to a chair and duct-taping his mouth.

“(Perry and Burke) forced (the victim) into a wooden chair and then bound him, binding his arms, body, and mouth with wire, a green rope, an orange tie-down strap, and gray duct tape,” the document said.

A third person forced Burke and Perry to participate at gunpoint and used the green rope to strangle the victim, the document reveals.

Authorities are still investigating how the man died but they say that there are evidence of someone

Perry reportedly identified the third person, but the court document doesn’t reveal the name of the third person involved in the incident.

The Chief Medical Examiner will positively identify the man and determine the cause and manner of his death.


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