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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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WATCH: Man takes nap at work, colleagues prank him with funny claim


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A video of a man being pranked by his colleagues into believing that he slept for two days at work has gone viral on social media.

The funny video shows a guy sleeping at work while wearing headphones. When one of his coworkers notices him sleeping, he tells the rest of the office staff to hide under the desks in the corner of the room. The staff rushes to hide and waits for the man to wake up.

Once the man wakes up, he is shocked to see the whole office empty. He calls up the prankster colleague to find out where everyone is.

The prankster colleague tells him that he is at a theatre to watch a movie since it’s Sunday, left the man scratching his head. He asks, “What I’ve been sleeping since Friday?”

The man then moves out of the room for a while and all his colleagues take the chance to get back to work and act as if nothing happened.

When the man returns, he is left confused again to see all his colleagues back at their desks.

“Don’t fall asleep at work!!” the funny viral video is captioned.

The hilarious video has been viewed more than 74,000 times. Netizens were left in splits after watching the prank.

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