Saturday, March 25, 2023

Man walks on high rise “transparent” swimming pool, terrifying video goes viral


The video of a high-level “transparent” swimming pool which allows the swimmer to see below at incredible heights is going viral on social media.

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The video was shared by Wow Terrifying on Twitter. It showed the person, shooting the video, walking in the scary swimming pool. 

The video has crossed 3.4 million views. It received mixed responses with some being concerned while others were excited. 

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It is pertinent to mention that social media is full of videos of amazing water-related sights. Earlier, a video of a rare sea vortex showing water flowing upwards while climbing up 470m sea cliff known as Beinisvørð in Denmark’s Faroe Islands made rounds.

The video was recorded by 41-year-old Samy Jacobsen walking along the cliffs off Suðuroy on the island on Monday after spotting a whirlwind of water rising from the waves.

It showed the powerfully spraying off into the distance before slowing down and dwindling out which weather experts said it was a water spout – a spiralling pillar of air, Daily Star reported.

It then formed like a tornado over the water when a cliff edge spins the wind in a circle.


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