Sunday, December 5, 2021

VIRAL: Money flows out of pipe during anti-corruption raid at officer’s home


The video of an anti-corruption department in India finding oodles of currency notes from the pipe of government employee’s home during a raid went viral on social media.

The video sees the officials of the Anti-Corruption Bureau extracting the cash from the pipes, that were installed outside the home of joint engineer affiliated with the Public Works Department Shantha Gowda Biradar in the state of Karnataka.

Here’s how the social media reacted to the incident. The netizens had some humorous replies as well.

A foreign news agency mentioned that the officials of anti-corruption department at first found INR2.5 million in cash and large quantity of gold.

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They came to know that currency notes were hidden in the pipelines of their home. They called the plumber and fished out the cash after breaking it.

The raids are taking place against the state government’s employees for tackling corruption.

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