Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Viral pictures: Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes in The Dropout


The first look pictures of Amanda Seyfried as Elizabeth Holmes from the upcoming show The Dropout have gone viral on social media.

The Dropout, based on the podcast by the same name by Rebecca Jarvis, tells the story of real-life events surrounding self-made billionaire Elizabeth Holmes making a defunct health technology company Theranos with her love interest Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani.

The billionaire was criticized for non-accurate blood-testing technology which led to a high-profile fraud investigation. Her boyfriend became part of the probe as well due to his affiliation with the company.

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Amanda Seyfried is playing the role of Elizabeth Holmes while the role of Ramesh “Sunny” Balwani is portrayed by Naveen Andrews.

The miniseries will premiere on Hulu Network from March 3 next year with three episodes. The remaining episode will be released on weekly basis.

It is all about a person losing fame, respect and determination in the blink of an eye when things go wrong. The themes of the upcoming series include deception, tragedy, romance and wealth as well.

Amanda Seyfried is the producer of the miniseries based on real-life events.

Elizabeth Meriwether, Liz Heldens, Liz Hannah, Katherine Pope, Rebecca Jarvis, Taylor Dunn, Victoria Thompson, Michael Showalter and Jordana Mollick are its executive producers.


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