Saturday, August 20, 2022

Horrific images: Fisherman catches ‘real-life sea monster’


A fisherman who caught a bizarre sea creature with a gigantic jaw and razor-sharp teeth has been dubbed ‘real-life sea monster’ after its pictures went viral on social media.

The unusual creature was caught by 39-year-old fisherman Nate Ethan Iszac and his crew in Alaskan waters earlier this month.

Wolf eel

Posted by Nate Ethan Iszac on Tuesday, 9 March 2021

When he shared photos of it on Facebook, netizens were immediately taken aback by its bizarre appearance and dubbed it as a real-life sea monster.

The photos show the creature’s incredibly large jaws with a close-up that reveals its sharp teeth. In another picture, the full length of the fish is shown to be almost half the length of Nate’s body.

Nate identified the creature as wolf eel on Facebook. His post has over 340 shares and hundreds of comments from users.

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“When we saw it there was a nervous excitement in the air. I have seen them before and know they can bite very hard so we were cautious,” said Nate.

Many social media users were baffled by the creature’s appearance and called it other-worldly. Some even said it was a ‘real-life sea monster’.


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