Monday, January 17, 2022

VIRAL: Runaway horse gallops through narrow gap between moving trains


A horrific video of a runaway horse galloping between two trains in Egypt is viral across social media platforms.

The video got filmed by one of the passengers from one of the two trains. It was uploaded on Twitter by the Turkish-based news agency TRT World.

It garnered more than 8,000 views.

The scary video sees the camera zooming slowly towards the runaway horse galloping alongside the train. An oncoming train approached it but the animal kept running as nothing was happening.

The commuters screamed in fear but breathed a sigh of relief as no untoward incident happened.

They waved the animal goodbye as it disappeared from the view.

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In 2019, a Twitter video of a police horse galloping on a Miami street after the officer riding it fell off went viral. It ran near the Miami-Dade County Courthouse in downtown Miami.

It turned around the street corner and returned to the stables unharmed.


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