Monday, August 15, 2022

WATCH: This mystery deep-sea creature can give you nightmares


In a hair-raising incident, a fisherman has caught an unknown deep-sea creature in waters off south-eastern Australia, which can give you nightmares.

Fisherman Jason Moyce, who caught the mysterious creature, has called it the “ugliest” fish he has ever seen in his life.

Dropping the picture on his Facebook account named Trapman Bermagui, Jason said he caught the ‘monster’ off the coast of Bermagui home town.

Deep-sea monster

He asked the Facebook users to help him identifying it, as both he and the captain of the charter boat had no idea what the fish could be. “I’m pretty sure this is a blobfish ??? caught in deep water, east off Bermagui. Probably the ugliest fish I’ve ever seen. Apparently good eating,” he wrote.

The picture shows the creature in a mottled pink and grey hue, with its eyes bulging outside of its head. Its wide mouth takes up most of its face and includes tiny but sharp needle-like teeth in rows.

Soon after the picture was shared, netizens were baffled by its freaky features. Jason told Newsweek that the fish was caught in 1770ft deep [waters] and it weighed 4 kg.

Blobfish are usually found in deep water, and they deform significantly when they’re exposed to the much lower pressure conditions of sea level. It inhabits the deep waters off the coasts of mainland Australia and Tasmania, as well as the waters of New Zealand.



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