Friday, March 24, 2023

WATCH: Train driver’s night vision video shows their tough job


A heart-stopping video that shows the risk train drivers face when steering a locomotive at night is going viral.

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The video showed the locomotive moving at a fast speed. 

The passengers may enjoy the journey and the surroundings, but the drivers are the ones who make sure the commuters have a safe and pleasant journey. They are responsible for keeping trains in the best shape. 

However, they have to face the rules set by railway authorities.

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It is pertinent to mention that train drivers show quick thinking to save the locomotives and people on railway tracks too. They have saved people from death and committing suicide.

Earlier, social media users praised a train driver whose video of saving a man from committing suicide on a railway track is going viral.

An Indian news agency reported that the man walked onto the railway track in Mumbai and laid down on it after seeing the train coming towards him.

The train driver realized the situation and applied the emergency brake to save the man. The vehicle stopped a few feet away from the suicidal person.

The railway police took notice of the incident and came to the spot to take the man away from the railway tracks.


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