Friday, August 12, 2022

Viral video: Avalanche of snow nearly buries woman


A disturbing video of an avalanche of snow falling on a woman and nearly burying her in China has gone viral on social media.

A foreign news agency reported that that the incident took place in Langfang city in Hebei province.

The clip sees the woman walking up the stairs. Just as she was to open a door, the pile of snow fell down the roof and nearly crushed her.

The scary footage also saw the woman trying to take cover while large blocks whacked on her head.

She ran away from the ice that had buried her house’s stairs. She went back to recover from the shock and change her clothes.

The victim was unscathed in the scary event.

It was reported that many parts of northern China are undergoing severe cold and they received the first snowfall of this year as well.

The weather experts believed that winter happened nearly a month earlier than usual due to the climate phenomenon.

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