Friday, May 27, 2022

Viral video: Beetles wreak havoc in Argentina town, damage buildings


The social media users were surprised after coming across a viral video that sees beetles entering an Argentinian town and damaging cars and property.

The video and photos were taken in Saint Isabel town of La Pampa city via cellphone and were shared on the social media application Twitter.

As of this moment, the Twitter video has over 3,000 views.

A Russia-based news agency Russian Times (RT) reported that it has been happening for the past week and the locals are facing problems in reaching their homes and work because of the swarm.

The residents have been using big boxes to scoop the bugs up from their homes.

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The authorities are claiming that the infestation took place because of the unusually heavy rains and the heatwave which has hit Argentina, which saw temperatures reaching to almost 40C at this time of the year.

Those conditions became ideal for the insect to reproduce the larvae.


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