Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Viral video: Cat delivers flying kick to aggressive German Shepherd


A video has gone viral on the internet that showed an unexpected encounter between a stray cat and a German Shepherd.

It showed a dog out on a walk starts barking at a stray cat which provoked the feline and later delivered an acrobatic flying kick that took down the pet.

Another video had gone viral on the internet a few days ago which showed a cat communicating with a deaf man through signs.

Within the viral video that appeared on Reddit, the cat appears to faucet a person with its paw sooner than signalling as if it needs to be fed.

As one Redditor interpreted, “…it’s ‘hey you’ (the tap on the wrist is to get the guys attention.)”

“I want/need (dogs and cats sometimes raise a paw or two upward when sitting or on hind legs once or several times based on urgency,” the user acquainted with ASL continued.

“This sign looks different in ASL but our arms move differently than a cat or dog. You just have to know what this behavior means.). ‘Eat’ (paw to mouth)”


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