Saturday, July 2, 2022

Viral Video: Massive python squeezes handler


A video of a man squeezed by a massive python as he’s taking it to its cage has gone viral on social media and netizens are worried for his safety.

The video uploaded as an Instagram reel by ‘snakebytestv’ shows a 20-foot-long female yellow reticulated python called Lucy wrapping around its handler’s body who struggles to carry it and take it to its cage.

“It’s hard to even explain. The force that a snake like this has. Oh my gosh,” the handler Brian Barczyk says as the python squeezes him with force. “We gotta get her back in her cage. Yeah, just another day’s work here at the reptile army,” the man adds.

He shared the video with the following caption ‘Handling a 20-foot snake isn’t exactly a piece of cake! Lucy here is giving me a run for my money!’

The reel has received 739k views and 20k likes.

Previously, a video showing a man dancing with huge python on his shoulders went viral across social media platforms.

In the viral, we see the Indonesian man – known for making Instagram reels with snakes – dancing with the giant pythons while taking big steps sideways. He was cautious while moving with the big reptiles.

He was praised for his bravery by social media users for his dangerous stunt. It has at least 3.7 million views with 44,000 likes.


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