Wednesday, May 18, 2022

Viral video: Wasp invasion causes family to lock themselves in home


A viral video of a swarm of wasps causing a family to lock themselves in their house in the United Kingdom is going viral across social media.

A report by a foreign news agency stated that the invasion happened after they got free from the nest. The family were confined in their home and sealed its entry points. 

Kieron, who resides with his mother Julie in Greater Machester, claimed that wasps made their into the kitchen and they could not reach the door because of safety.

He said they contacted the concerned for help but it is yet to arrive.

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“They’re starting to come into the kitchen, they’re in the garden, the street, you can’t even go near the door because there’s that many,” Kieron said as quoted in the report. “I’ve been on the internet and apparently if they sting you, they leave a scent in you and then they all come for you because they protect the queen.” 

He added: “They keep going in this little hole that goes in the loft so we think the hive must be in there but we’ve rung four different people and no one’s answering. We’re a bit stuck, we don’t know what to do.”


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