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VIRAL: Village sees metal balls ‘raining from sky’


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An eerie phenomenon happened in a village in India where metal balls rained from the sky. 

The weird incident took place in the Surendranagar district of Gujrat state. The villagers were baffled when they saw the balls lying across the fields. 

It has happened in Umreth and Nadiad Kheda districts. Moreover, similar incidents happened in three villages in the Anand district. 

The Physical Research Laboratory, a state-run institution which does research in space sciences, launched an investigation into strange happenings. They concluded with the objects being debris of satellites.

In April, villagers from Sindewahi tehsil in Maharashtra’s Chandrapur district were baffled after a metal ring and cylinder-like object were spotted. 

They tried to retrieve the object, which they claim it being hot. They believed it to be ‘space debris’.

Experts stated that the pieces were most likely meteorites that were entering the Earth of the pieces of rocket boosters that fall off after a satellite launch.

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