Saturday, August 13, 2022

Viral: Weird tornado in Canada leaves netizens baffled


A recent video of a weird tornado in the Canadian town of Watrous has baffled netizens. The video has gotten over 615k views and 47,00 likes on Twitter. 

The video of the weird tornado shared by Twitter user Douglas Thompson shows the landspout tornado spooking onlookers on a beach as they see it approaching them from a distance.

People can be seen getting up in a hurry, collecting their things to leave as the tornado approaches. A woman can be heard saying in the video, “Oh my god that’s a tornado.” The clip has gone viral with over 615k views and 4,700 likes.

The tornado was termed weird-looking because even though the tornado is forming, the sun can be seen shining through the clear clouds. Netizens were baffled at the weird tornado.

One Twitter user said, “OMG! Like Manitou Beach hasn’t dealt with enough weather issues like flooding. And now a tornado?!?”.

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“Canadian landscape makes for interesting weather phenomena… #waterspout #Tornados.” another user wrote. A third user said, “This is the weirdest looking tornado! Every photo/video of it looks fake somehow, and the clouds just look like a normal ol’ day… So wild!.”


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