Monday, March 27, 2023

Viral: Woman being smuggled inside bag rescued from burning SUV


Shocking Bodycam footage from a rescue officer in Texas shows a woman emerging from a bag recovered from a crashed vehicle. The young woman was reportedly being smuggled, TimesNowNews reported. 

Dramatic bodycam footage shows a young woman coming out of a bag recovered from a crashed vehicle in Texas state of the United States.

Offices in the Texas state of USA were chasing a suspect human trafficker, who crashed his car, which caught on fire. The smugglers fled leaving a female immigrant trapped inside the burning car.

A rescue officer can be seen breaking the rear glass of the SUV to remove the bag in which the young woman was being smuggled.

“She’s in the bag. There’s a female in the bag,”  one of the officers can be heard yelling.
The rescue officers then hurry to the SUV and retrieve the bag and carry it away from the
As the rescuers open the bag, a young girl comes out of the bag holding onto a pair of white sneakers.


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