Sunday, August 14, 2022

Viral: Woman falls from scooter “final destination” style


The video of a woman falling from the scooter after a coconut hit her head is going viral on social media platforms.

The viral video, filmed by the woman’s daughter, starts off with the female driving the two-wheeler on a highway. A coconut then falls on her, causing her to go down.

The woman still had her headgear on even after the fall.

The victim’s daughter stated that the female who rushed towards the wounded female was her sister. She said her mother is in serious condition.

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“Yes, the victim is my mother & the one who ran towards the victim is my younger sister, thank God,” she tweeted. “Mama has woken up & is still being monitored at GH Penang ward.

“The victim’s condition is quite severe (fractured right shoulder, left hand, 2 ribs & little sister. It’s fine, just a little trauma), some info for everyone, I will update my mother’s condition from time to time.”


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