Wednesday, August 17, 2022

VIRAL: Woman finds snail in her roast dinner


A woman has claimed to find a snail in her roast dinner from Toby Carvery delivered by Uber Eats on January 1.

Chloe Walshaw, a 24-year-old teacher, who with her boyfriend ordered two meals from the restaurant, has announced to boycott them even after receiving a refund.

Walshaw claimed that she was enjoying her dinner initially, but felt ‘physically sick’ and spat out the food after spotting the mollusk in her peas.

She disclosed that the restaurant has apologized and offered a refund, whereas, a probe is also underway.

Describing the incident, Chloe explained: “I ordered it to be delivered on Uber Eats from Toby Carvery Burnt Tree Island for me and my boyfriend”.

They were relishing the meal when she spotted the creature in the peas. “I was getting food on my fork and I thought I’ll have a bit of pea and I dug down in the peas and that’s when I saw it”, the teacher revealed, “I felt really physically sick”.

“I was really shocked, I had food in my mouth and I spat the food out”, Chloe further added, “I told him to look and my boyfriend said ‘I’m not eating it either'”.

She notified the restaurant about the incident: “I called them up and the girl that answered the phone said contact Uber Eats to get a refund”.

“Uber Eats have given me a refund”, she added. Meanwhile, a £40 voucher was offered by Toby Carvery as well to her.

“I’m never going there again. I used to go regularly but after that, I don’t think I’ll ever return”, Chloe vented.


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