Saturday, January 29, 2022

WATCH: Waiter uses tray to save child from being crushed by a refrigerator


Breathtaking footage of a waiter has emerged showing him leaping into action to save a child’s life – with a tray from being crushed to a refrigerator.

It’s not unusual for kids to wander off when their parents are enjoying a meal in a restaurant. A video shared by redditor @blake_HEADACHE proves that accidents can happen in withing twinkling of an eye when mischievous kids are inside a restaurant. But monitoring and quick thinking can save lives.

In the video, the kid can be seen running towards the double-door fridge and pulling its handles aggressively to pen it. While the doors open, the entire fridge comes off the ground and falls towards the kid.

Just when the child is about to get crushed, a waiter runs towards the falling fridge and stops it from crushing the kid using a tray that was carrying food.

Although the fridge falls to the ground eventually, the waiter’s timely intervention reduced the force of the impact to prevent any serious injury to the kid.

The video has now collected over 16,400 upvotes on Reddit. It has also been shared on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Netizens praised the waiter for his timely action. While some said he could’ve used his hands instead of the tray, others argued there was too little time to drop the tray.


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