Friday, August 19, 2022

Walls in Germany pee back at those who urinate at them!


Germany’s northern city of Hamburg is filled will nightclubs and bars, which cater to customers round the clock. Hence drunk citizens often take to the streets and pee on public walls, causing much discomfort and a sewer-like situation. However, a new innovation has rendered these German walls ‘pee proof’ and been effective in dissuading people from urinating on their walls.

Local groups recently began introducing “hydrophobic” paint on areas of the city’s busy night-club district. The paint makes the urine bounce back on the unsuspecting urinator. The paint was originally developed by Nissan for keeping cars spick and span, away from dirt. The move has also inspired Australia lawmakers, who are thinking about importing the concept into their own country.

Hence, those who urinate publicly in Hamburg, Germany have to be careful now. This is due to the fact that only a few walls in Hamburg have a warning painted across them. Most of the times, the urine bounces back and wets the pants of the urinator himself! The move to buy the paint has been questioned, though mostly due to its high price. It costs about $700 to cover six square meters with urine-repelling paint, which has raised questions over the idea’s efficiency.An estimated 1500 German beer bottles can be bought for the same amount of money.


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