Tuesday, January 18, 2022

Watch as the man claims he’s found ‘Bigfoot’ and made its video


A Youtuber made a bizarre claim that he caught on his camera the footage of “shape of Bigfoot” on his Cannock Chase.

On his recent Chase visit, Joshua Lester-Rigg said he heard the rustling in the woods that led him to film the event and look back at the images after it was concluded. He claimed he saw something that looked like crouching “gorilla or Bigfoot”.

Apprently, an investigator has made claims to find the evidence of legendary Bigfoot on his exploration visit in the wood spot, which includes tracks and claw marks.

So the sightings of the yeti-like creature, or at least its legends, in the Cannock Chase go back as far as into 1800s.

Joshua, an urban explorer, has always been curious of paranormal activity on this strip and has made claims he had recorded unnormal voices and photographed the phantoms.

In his newly released photos and video from his recent Chase trek, Joshua said: “So me and my friend went up to try and see if there is any truth to the reports of black-eyed children and to do a paranormal investigation.

“We left around 5.45pm and had several locations to check out including Birches Valley and Castle Ring hunting for black-eyed children or any other reports of hauntings there with a couple of friends.”

“We first went to a field on Mansty Lane, where the two young children were found back in the 60s relating to the A34 murders. Funny thing is, out of the blue two police cars turned up as someone thought we were acting suspiciously, we chatted to them, explained what we were doing then they showed us a newspaper out of the car of Bigfoot on Cannock Chase on the front page of the Daily Star.

“After speaking to police they went on their way as we carried on doing an investigation, we then headed to the next location by Birches Valley to visit where they found the other child from the 60s A34 murders.

“We found the spot, did some investigating then headed to the dense trees nearby – this is where I took the photo at around 9.15pm. I took it, heard some rustling in the dense woods but just thought it probably animals. The rest of the night we went to Birches Valley, a supposedly haunted crossroads near Stile Cop then our last location was Castle Ring which we got to around midnight did an investigation before heading home.

“I don’t know if it is Bigfoot or anything but looking at the image you can clearly see it looks like some kind of gorilla as if it’s crouching like hiding between the trees, you can make out the knee then the arm then the head/face.

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“After capturing this and finding it on the photo I was shocked because it’s not something you expect to find in the wild, then to make it more strange, what is the chance the police who asked us what we were doing showed us an article of Bigfoot on the newspaper they had.

“It was reported in a different area on the Chase, in the Gentleshaw area, which we were nowhere near, but still come across something that looks like some sort of a gorilla/Bigfoot in another area of the Chase.

“On the video on the left side, it looks similar to a Bigfoot or gorilla or something standing and once we shine the torches into the dark area, it slips round in front of the tree trying to avoid them, it’s strange the footage can’t be 100 per cent sure it’s Bigfoot or gorilla but considering it’s around 10 minutes after the first image which I sent it could be.”


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