Friday, July 1, 2022

Watch: Chef makes giant tiger sculpture with chocolate


Swiss-French pastry chef Amaury Guichon is famous on Instagram for his posts of pastry designs and chocolate sculptures.

This time he shared on the social media platform a video of himself making a tiger sculpture with chocolate to mark the Lunar New Year, better known as the Chinese New year 2022.

The video shows the chef in the process of making the tiger. He prepares moulds after moulds, filled with chocolates and shapes them according to how a tiger cub looks.

Everything from its face, to its ears, tail and paws looks just as realistic as an actual tiger cub would.

He finishes the tiger cub by spraying some edible paint onto it and making stripes on it.

Then, he makes the tiger on a bigger stand using more chocolate. As the video draws towards its end, viewers can see the bigger tiger and the little cub next to each other.


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“Chocolate Tiger! Happy Lunar New Year!”, read the caption of the video.


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