Monday, June 27, 2022

WATCH: Chinese man pretends to ‘collapse and die’ to get seat on a crowded train


A bizarre video has emerged showing a Chinese man fed up of not getting a seat in train and what he did next to grab one will definitely blow your mind.

A man who was so frustrated as there were no seats left on a packed train lay on the floor and pretended to have a seizure so he could bag a seat.

But instead of trying to help the man commuters – who didn’t know he was faking – scattered and left a row of empty seats.

China train seat

The other train travellers seem horrified by the shaking man on the train floor and took off in all directions.

The man then got up and takes one of the empty seats, smiling broadly to himself.

China train seat

It is not clear where or when the video was filmed although it is believed to be in China.

The footage first emerged on video-sharing website Liveleak with the headline: “How to get a seat on a train in China.”


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