Tuesday, August 16, 2022

WATCH: Correct way of taking out ice cubes leaving people in awe


A video of a woman removing ice cubes has gone viral after people stumbled upon her interesting trick over the internet.

In the 30 second clip, the unidentified woman blows people’s minds as she expertly shows how to use a plastic ice cube bag ‘the right way’.

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Instead of carefully separating each individual ice cube out from the bag, the woman manages to get all of the ice cubes out at once.

The clever footage was posted on social media where it has amassed over six million views, 66,000 shares, more than 22,000 comments, and 9,900 likes.

To remove the ice, the woman simply stretches the bag horizontally and vertically.

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This action opens up the segments and transforms the bag into a sack and all the ice cubes fall into the bottom.

Many people were stunned to discover this quick and easy technique for removing ice and praised the woman for sharing the nifty trick.

One person said: “OMG this must be the best Christmas gift this year. I’ve been freezing my fingers off for years!”

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“Brilliant, I wish I had known that before,” replied someone else.

A third wrote: “I’ve been doing that wrong for years… need to buy some more ice cube bags!”


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