Thursday, August 11, 2022

WATCH: Cyclist blown away by powerful wind in Netherlands


THE HAGUE: The storm in Netherlands and parts of northern Europe is giving people a ride in the air and a new footage has emerged showing a cyclist is blown away by powerful winds in The Hague.

In a startling clip, a cyclist loses his balance and is blown across a pedestrian crossing, before eventually crashing into a railing. People are seen holding onto traffic poles that are swaying scarily due to the extreme winds.

The video was taken in the typically-windy city of The Hague which lies close to the North Sea. Two subsequent videos show people struggling to stay on the ground as they are hit by the wind.

As people from Holland took to Twitter with videos depicting the severity of the storm, the hashtag “storm” trended briefly on Twitter in the country.

Videos show pedestrians getting dragged across streets, building roofs being blown off, trucks overturning and giant billboards crashing because of the extreme weather.



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