Sunday, February 5, 2023

WATCH: Paralympic swimmer chased by two ocean sharks


A member of Spain’s Paralympic swimming team was forced to out-sprint two sharks after a terrifying encounter off a Costa beach.

Ariel Schrenck went up a gear after hearing his mum shouting from the shoreline when she spotted two tell-tale fins and saw the animals heading in his direction.

The drama happened off Sant Pol beach on the Costa Brava, a short drive from the famous resort of Lloret de Mar.

Ariel, part of the Spanish team that took part in last year’s World Para Swimming Allianz Championships in London, was training at the time.

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The sharks were less than 300 feet from him when beach goers including his parents spotted them.

Incredible footage of the scare showed Ariel speeding up in the water to try to reach rocks before they caught up with him.

The 19-year-old, still trying to get back to top form after weeks of being unable to use a pool or go in the sea because of the coronavirus lockdown, told a Spanish TV interviewer: ‘I stopped for a second to get my breath back when I saw my mum shouting like a madwoman.

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‘I felt terrible panic at that moment and began to swim like mad. I think it’s the fastest 100 metres I’ve ever done.’

Ariel’s mum Carolina Martinez told Spanish broadcaster La Sexta: ‘I focused on yelling at him to make him get out of the water.



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