Monday, October 3, 2022

VIDEO: Dogs in Mumbai ‘mysteriously’ turning ‘blue’ … but why?


MUMBAI: Water pollution is an Indian capital has reached an alarming level after it saw affecting skin colour of dogs and changing it to bright blue fur.

Colours of the dog changed apparently after they swam in polluted water.

Mumbai dog

According to the report in Hindustan Times, the water from the Kasadi river in Taloja is turning the fur of the dogs blue due to its toxicity. Since many industrial units directly release effluents and dyes into river, the water is turning harmful for consumption.



To protect the dogs from turning blue, The Navi Mumbai Animal Protection Cell has filed a complaint with the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB).


Blue dog

Taloja area of New Bombay has approximately a thousand pharmaceutical, food and engineering factories. The water quality test at Navi Mumbai found out that the levels of toxic were high in the water. Chloride is harmful for vegetation, aquatic life and wildlife.

A pollution control board officer told Hindustan Times, that five to six dogs entered an area which was cordoned off to the public and therefore they got the colour on them.




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