Wednesday, June 29, 2022

WATCH: Donkey uses ‘problem solving’ skills to jump a fence in hilarious video


RONCO SCRIVIA, Italy: Sometimes animals outsmart humans with their out-of-the-blue stunts or their amazing instinctive move. A donkey at an Italian sanctuary showed off his superior problem-solving skills to jump a fence.

As seen in the video that two of donkey’s comrades jumped a fence and he apparently didn’t feel like hopping.

The video, shared on Facebook by Italian donkey protection nonprofit Paradise, shows two donkeys named Pedro and Domenico jumping over a fence at the charity’s facility in Ronco Scrivia.

A third donkey, Oreste, takes a moment to examine the fence before finding a simpler solution — using his mouth to quickly dismantle the wooden fence.

Watch the video here 😀


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