Friday, September 30, 2022

WATCH: Family discovers fortune hidden under floorboards


A family discovered a box containing more than £33,000 hidden underneath their home’s floorboards.

The family suspecting their relative had hidden his fortune somewhere in their home hired a metal detectorist and treasure hunter, Keith Willie in New England, US. The box was believed to have been hidden “a long, long time ago”.

Keith focused his search on the attic of the home, “looking for small things that are slightly out of place”, after few hints given to him turned out to be false.

A video shared on YouTube shows him spotting tiny crowbar marks around the wooden flooring and feeds in a small camera to reveal what appeared to be a locked metal box.

Keith used a hammer to open the box which led to the discovery of “a total of $46,000 in bills from the 1930s and 50s, some of which were silver certificates, potentially worth significantly more than face value”.

He handed the box containing stacks of pristine notes in bundles of $5,000 to the family.

“I would consider this cash box my most exciting find to date,” Keith said.

“The family was running out of time, they were wanting to sell the house for a few years but this particular rumoured treasure was stopping them to do so.”


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