Thursday, August 11, 2022

WATCH: ‘Flaming arrow’ stunt goes horribly wrong on live TV


Talent show couple Ryan Stock and Amber Lynn Walker took to the stage with their nail-biting archery routine which saw the bride-to-be climb some ladders and take aim at her lover with the device.

Amber, dressed to impress in a pretty gown, intended to hit a red and white circular target which Ryan had positioned poking out of his mouth.

Yet she fired the pointed instrument off course and below where she intended, leaving Ryan clutching his neck in sheer pain and his life in potential danger.

Yet he revealed he was “very fortunate” to walk away alive after the arrow missed its target and instead plunged into the side of his neck.

Head judge Simon Cowell and his panel were left wide-eyed and covering their mouths in shock after the epic blunder.





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