Monday, June 27, 2022

WATCH: The man who climbs the tree upside down


A new video on YouTube is going rounds where a man can be seen climbing tress upside down in shock to all onlookers.

According to a report in MailOnline, the man with such extraordinary talent is 32-year-old Mukesh Kumar, a resident of Haryana.

In the video, Kumar admits that though he was always obsessed with climbing trees, hr decided to climb upside down to set an example. Though it was difficult initially, he finally achieved what he had set out for.

“Initially, I could only climb two to three feet, but after continuous practice, I can now climb tall trees,” Kumar told MailOnline. “I am always looking for taller trees so that I can accomplish a bigger feat,” he added.

Kumar claims he can climb a 50ft tree in less than 5 minutes. He wants to use this unusual talent of his to set a Guinness World Record and hopes to earn some more money for his family. At present he works as a construction worker.


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