Monday, May 23, 2022

WATCH: Reckless driver takes police on a dangerous chase


A video of a careless driver avoiding police arrest in a dangerous chase with his reckless driving is viral on social media platforms.

The videos, shared by the UK-based news agency The Daily Mail, were filmed from the dashboard of a patrol car.

The Daily Mail’s report stated that Saif Ghalib, who hails from Blackburn city of the Lancashire county, drove a vehicle away from cops after he failed to stop.

He weaved in and out of driving lanes and cut the front of a police vehicle. His tactics made the officers apply the brakes.

It lasted for 37 minutes on December 18 last year. He was taken into custody after the vehicle stopped and will serve a year in prison.

The man was charged on different accounts that included driving without insurance, refusing to stop when directed by a police officer and dangerous driving.

The scary video, made public after the man’s sentencing, sees the police chasing the vehicle after coming across the uninsured car on the M66 motorway.

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He then cuts across the lanes and nearly takes out a patrol car for trying to commute on the sliproad. He then cuts across the lanes and nearly takes out a patrol car for trying to go on the sliproad. The police car’s speed dropped from 98mph to 64mph in the process.

He approached traffic lights and made a right runs before weaving in and out of queuing traffic. He kept encountering vehicles going on to the drive on the other side of the road towards the oncoming traffic after he could not get past them.

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He began driving towards the oncoming traffic when he could not go past them.

He was chased on residential roads and drove straight down a ‘give way’ lane. He attempted to fool the cops into turning right and turning left.

His speed was close to 60mph and cut a red traffic light as well. He then increased his speed to 100mph and made a last-minute decision to take an exit route by cutting across two lanes.

The clip ended with him driving at roughly 70mph before police claimed to have stopped and arrested him.


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