Thursday, August 11, 2022

WATCH: Scary CCTV footage in hospital shows ‘soul leaving’ dead woman’s body


The creepy CCTV, filmed at a hospital in China, shows a woman lying still on a bed with a white sheet draped over her.

The footage was believed to recorded around year ago but was uploaded on YouTube yesterday with a caption ‘real video of soul leaving’ has gained large number of views.

footage 1

In the video, woman corpse lays in the dark room but an eerie translucent figure is suddenly seen ‘sitting up’ before drifting backwards and disappearing into thin air.

Many people believe the clip proves souls exist, while others were a lot more skeptical and argued it could be a work of camera trick.

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One user opined “Some people refuse to believe in God or the spiritual nature of humans.

“They live as if there was no soul, but just the body. Once it gets used and worn out, it dies, and that’s the end of life. However, this video would offer a real shock for the materialists.”

But another man wrote on Twitter: “Since when can souls be seen?”





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