Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Watch: School bus rolls down slope and turns turtle in Maharashtra


Mumbai: A school bus, with children on board, turned turtle as the driver tried to reverse it on a ramp. 

A CCTV camera near the Green City Complex recorded the incident that occurred at 6;50 am near Mumbai in Ambernath’s Green City Complex.

The bus can be seen gliding down after the driver lost control on a ramp resulting in the overturning of the bus. Fortunately, no notable harm was reported as the residents and individuals around operated swiftly and saved the children from the toppled vehicle.

Meanwhile, the Rotary School Management has clarified that this bus does not belong to the institute and denied any connection with the bus. The school administration said that this bus is personal and parents send their children to school by this bus according to their amenities.

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On the other hand, the locals have expressed their anger against the bus proprietor. The bus was not insured and the state of the bus was very dilapidated.


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