Friday, August 19, 2022

WATCH: Trump stops to catch hat of Marine after wind blows it off


In a light moment, President Donald Trump stopped to retrieve the hat of a Marine guard on Saturday evening after the wind blew it off his head.

The moment happened as Trump was about to board Marine One upon his return after attending the G-20 summit in Hamburg, Germany.

Moments earlier the president departed Air Force One at Joint Base Andrews in Maryland with his wife Melania. While the president was walking towards the aircraft, a Marine who was guarding the helicopter had his hat fly off.

Trump retrieved a Marine’s hat that was blown off by the wind before chasing after the cap when it flew off for the second time.

Trump bent over and placed the white hat back on the marine’s head patting the man on the shoulder, but the cap went flying once more, sending Trump and his military escort chasing after it.

However, the chopper’s blades make it far too windy sending the hat flying off again.

Trump chases after the hat but lets the other military man place it squarely on the Marine’s head. Before Trump boards the helicopter, he pats the Marine once more on the side.

It was a light gesture and even CNN, who is in a recent confrontation with the president, commented on the moment.

An anchor said: ‘You got to come watch this. This was actually a light moment. We just wanted to play it for you.’

‘He’s trying to right the ship here and help out the Marine who is standing alongside it and can’t move from his position.’

Trump had just returned from his four-day trip to Poland and Germany, for the G20 summit.


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