Friday, August 12, 2022

Watch: UK Police releases video of dangerous driving, highlighting importance of road safety


The Cumbria Police UK has released a video of some dangerous and irresponsible driving in order to highlight the importance of road safety.

Drivers often break rules and put their own and others’ lives at risk. To curb irresponsible behaviour and ensure road safety traffic police often come up with a fresh campaign to raise awareness about road safety.

The video, shared by Cambria police over Twitter, shows short snippets of rash and irresponsible drivers. One of which shows a silver Ford barging in the wrong lane and coming inches away from an oncoming van.

Cumbria Police wrote “This video shows just some of the footage we have received through Operation Snap. We want to make Cumbria’s roads safer by educating road users to try and change behaviour and prosecuting those that take risks.”

In the video, a silver car can be seen driving over a sidewalk and a Ranger Rover pulls drives on the wrong side of the road and narrowly misses another vehicle.

A black van can be seen dangerously driving and overtaking a car in the wrong lane, while another segment shows a black van dangerously overtaking a car in the wrong lane.

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The clip has now collected thousands of views and some interesting commentary from Twitter users.


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