Tuesday, January 18, 2022

WATCH: Woman fined Rs16,000 for stopping car outside school


A woman in the UK claimed that she was penalized to pay £70 (Rs16,484) for merely pulling over her vehicle outside a school for far less than a minute.

The mother of four kids, Katie Pender-Eccleston, said she drove her children to a gym class and one particular day she stopped her car briefly on a lane opposite a primary school to let other cars pass.

According to the reports, she was shocked later on to have received a £70 ticket.

The woman had stopped her silver Ford towards the front of the zig-zag lanes, denoting the space is not permissible for either parking the vehicle or overtaking another one, outside Manor Community Primary School. A video shared with the family to back up the fine claim showed this.

The car lets a few other cars pass stopping for under 30 seconds given the narrow stream of the street. The video, however, displays that her car had stopped after crossing the markings.

Katie’s husband challenged the fine when he saw the footage for he claims the fine was wrongly imposed.

“No one gets out the car. The picture, the actual photo the council sent, you can clearly see she is not parked. “You can only allow two cars to pull in ahead where they are waiting for the other cars,” he said.

“If the clip was 15 seconds longer you would have seen the context of where she drove up to let the traffic through. I find it ridiculous – she must have been waiting for 15 to 20 seconds before they have zoomed in to take the number plate,” he added.


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