Sunday, March 26, 2023

WATCH: YouTube star converts his BMW into a hot tub


YouTube star and the gadget geek Colin Furze has converted his old BMW 3 Series into a hot spa tub as part of his latest YouTube video.

In the video, Furze fills the car with water which is then heated via coils linked to the engine’s water system. He created an entirely waterproof interior to make sure there is no leakage into the car’s electronics.

The water itself is heated with coolant lines routed along the floor of the vehicle, and the bubbles are provided by a pair of leaf blowers behind the back seats.

How exactly he managed to seal and waterproof the car’s interior, we can’t begin to guess, though that’s assuming that he put any effort into that at all. If that was not enough, he also had a hot grilled BBQ after a hot bubble bath.


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