Monday, June 27, 2022

Water commission disgruntled with Chinese companies’ poor performance


KARACHI: Sindh Water Commission expressed vexation while observing that the performance of Chinese companies, employed to clean Karachi, has been below par.

“Purchase new machines, if needed, but we want Karachi spick-and-span,” the commission snapped during the hearing at the Sindh High Court on Wednesday.

The commission summoned the owner of Chinese companies and noted that Chinese companies had not been following the agreement for months. “Previously, there was no one to keep a check on corrupt practices but now we will not let anyone embezzle the funds,” the commission warned.

The officials from Chinese companies stated that DMC employees are not interested in work; “due to several institutions’ involvement, work becomes complex in Pakistan.”

Water Commission head Justice (retd) Ameer Hani Muslim lamented that overall conditions in Sindh being deteriorated due to negligence, “despite passing orders, plastic shopping bags have not been banned yet,” he added.

The commission further took official undertaking from the officials of Chinese companies to stick with the agreement of cleaning Karachi.


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