Monday, October 3, 2022

‘Weapon used in traffic cop murder also used in a robbery’


KARACHI: Police officials have arrested four persons including a woman while investigating murder of a traffic police official in Garden area of Karachi, ARY News reported on Tuesday.

Policeman Ehtisham was killed in a gun attack in Garden area on Monday.

Four arrested persons include a woman relative of the slain policeman, investigation sources said.

According to officials, the attackers had pumped four bullets of 30 bore pistol in the body of Ehtisham.

Forensic test of two spent bullets found from the crime scene matched with the weapon used in a crime incident in the past, officials said.

The same weapon was used in a robbery incident in Korangi on July 07,2018, investigation sources said.

The weapon was used in the crime committed at a hardware shop in Korangi 1 1/2, officials said.

The robbers had injured three persons including two brothers, while they resisted them, sources said.

After forensic report, the investigation team has diverted attention to Korangi to trace and arrest the culprits.

Attacks on Traffic Police

Karachi’s traffic police suffered the brunt of terrorism attacks in last few years leaving several police officials dead.

The city’s traffic police authorities had ordered the traffic police officials in September 2015 to remain present at their respective offices in sensitive areas but not perform field duty due to rampant attacks in which five traffic police sergeants were shot dead in within 10 days in the city.

Two traffic policemen were killed while performing their duty in busy Sunday Bazaar on August 30, 2015, while earlier two policemen were gunned down while helping to ease a traffic jam in Saddar.

A traffic police constable was shot dead while two others were wounded in an armed attack in SITE-B area on September 2 in the same year.


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